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Why an app?

An app designed specifically to help clean the environment allows us to gather data that can be used to truly make a difference down in removing and preventing garbage. That data will be used by city and park planners, product and service designers, waste management experts and can help with research that will lead to ways to expedite garbage removal and create smarter and more responsible products and services that result in less garbage.

The Grrbage app is very social and lets people support their favourite movements and cleanup groups.

When someone uses Grrbage to post a photo of what they’ve found, the app allows them to add one or more tags that identify the type or brand of garbage. This is important for categorizing and understanding the types of garbage that is found around the world. The user can add a comment about the garbage and include hashtags as they would in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The hashtags work the same way in the Grrbage app meaning you can tap on hashtag (or a tag) you will see a list of posts that contain the same tag or phrase. Before the user submits their post they have a couple of other options. The first makes Grrbage very unique…you can add a second photo which allows your followers to see a before and after photo of your work. The second option provides the ability to share that post to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. (Instagram will be available shortly).

Using Grrbage generates powerful data and allows you to share to your other social networks which allows you to show your support for the groups you wish to support.

Grrbage itself is a network and your followers will see all of your posts and have the ability to comment on your post, add additional tags if they choose and can share to their own followers.

The app will be a great tool to generate data on the fly and can be used by teachers, universities, brands or anyone wanting to know quickly what is being found. You could simply tap on a tag in a post and the search results will tell you how many posts share that tag.

You can view the profile of any user to see their followers or who they are following and a thumbnail view of all the posts they created and shared.

It’s all pretty simple and we invite you to get our FREE app and start cleaning up this beautiful planet of ours.