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Who should use the app?

We think everyone has a responsibility to clean up our planet.


Brands are becoming more accountable all the time and a lot of them understand their product is being left behind by consumers and the result is garbage.

Brands that care and that are truly concerned about the garbage problem can create their profile in the Grrbage app and use it as a bridge to connect with and acknowledge the people that are cleaning up their product that their customers have left behind.

Imagine how far a simple “Thank you!” from a major brand could be for someone that goes out and cleans up our planet each day. It’s a powerful statement.

Parents & Guardians

It’s much simpler to teach a young child to respect the earth and to put garbage where it belongs. You can use the Grrbage app on your walks, as you visit parks and playgrounds and on your travels.Teach your children about the impact of garbage in our environment and show them that their work can be shared to other around the world that are also working to clean up our planet. Each time you use the app you are contributing to data that will be used to help prevent more garbage. So go ahead, find, share, clean and teach the next generation to care.


“Teach…your children well!” We know the song and it’s true.

Teachers and schools play a very critical role in the passing on the importance of caring for our environment. Schools don’t have a consistent environmental message for their students and its time that it becomes a part of each day.

Schools can challenge each other  by creating their profile in the app and asking their students to create their own. Decide on a school hashtag to use in the app to track the number of Grrbage posts from the students and families. Schools can reward the students with the most posts with a day off from school or another great award.

Keeping our planet clean is everyone’s responsibility and understanding that early in life is critical.

Use it where you work

There are a lot of great places to work out there these days and many of those employers allow their staff to volunteer and support causes that you are passionate about. Cleaning the planet is something that most people can get behind. So why not grab a group of your colleagues and head out for an afternoon of fresh air and social good.

Your company can create a profile in the app and so can each employee.

Why not issue challenges to other companies in your community to step up and do their part as well.

Anyone can use it to support a cause you care about

There are a lot of great movements that you can support using their hashtags in the app and sharing each post to Twitter and Facebook. Here are some awesome movements you can support using their hashtags:

Want your organization or movement featured here?

There are many more movements out there that you can support using the Grrbage app. Grrbage is the platform that can connect you to a global community of people, groups and brands that care for our planet and are leading the charge again garbage.

Contact us and we’ll feature your movement or organization here.