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Trash Talk

Our blog posts will typically be inspired by the data collected by the people using the Grrbage app, but can also be a result of conversation and interactions with people from around the world that are caring for and cleaning up.

I’m really hoping this area will generate some great conversation, possible solutions and help build a community of people all trying to tackle the problem of garbage.

Let’s clean this planet up and prevent future garbage and remember no solutions are too crazy and we need to change the world and for people to realize reusable is best, single use and disposable products are not the right solution.

Can we stop? I have to pee!

20 December 2013

Road trips are fun, I love the excitement of packing and getting ready to roll out of town and hitting the open road. What isn’t cool is the amount of garbage showing up on and along our roads. In fact I’ve got a challenge for your. When you hit the highway (interstate for my American…