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Can we stop? I have to pee!

20 December 2013

Road trips are fun, I love the excitement of packing and getting ready to roll out of town and hitting the open road.

TV on the side of a roadWhat isn’t cool is the amount of garbage showing up on and along our roads. In fact I’ve got a challenge for your. When you hit the highway (interstate for my American friends) for your next road trip try count up to 5 stopping if you see garbage along the road or in the ditch. I’d be truly surprise if you were able to make it to 5.

I spent a week bouncing around Saskatchewan doing Shoreline Cleanups a few weeks ago and that meant that I was travelling on our network of highways and grid roads to get to my favourite beaches. I almost didn’t make it to the clean up sites because I was having a hard time passing all the garbage on and beside the roads. Fast food packagin is everywhere, stuff that has blow out of the back of trucks (or thrown out in some cases), tires, mufflers, bits of wood and a lot of drink containers.

TV in the ditchSo, I’m recommending (although I think it may be illegal or frowned upon in some areas) you stop for those important pee breaks while on your road trips. These are perfect opportunities to stretch your legs and tidy up a spot on the side of the road. Make a challenge out of it. See who can pick up the most trash in 5 minutes. Don’t forget to show us what you found in the Grrbage app though…the world would love to see.

But there is something that I don’t get and I would love for someone to provide some comments about. Why do people throw fast food and cigarette packaging and drink containers out of the window of their car? I’m just curious…seriously I would love for someone, who admits to doing it to comment on this topic and let us know.

Do you need to hide the evidence that you ate fast food before you arrive at your destination? Are you hiding the fact that you smoke from someone so you toss all the evidence out the window? Does an empty drink container drive you nuts to the point where you need to set it free in order to concentrate on the road? I’m not trying to sound judgmental here I’m truly curious. You will eventually pull up at your destination which most likely contains or provides access to a garbage can and a recycling bin…can’t you just hold on to that stuff until you make your next stop? Please someone tell us your honest side of it…if you throw stuff out your car window let me know why! We can chat.

Cheers and be cool!

Morgan Wadsworth

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